Alcala del Jucar

Alcalá del Júcar (a town in the province of Albacete in Castilla La Mancha) has about 1500 inhabitants. Most of them live in houses carved in the mountains, in soft rock. The village is located in a majestic area on a hill. The Jucar River flows in the valley and it gave a rise to the city. It is thanks to its capricious trends that these forms stimulating the imagination have been carved in rocks. For thousands of years they have been formed in rock walls above the valley of caves. For many generations they served as housing. They are still used not only for household use but they are converted into restaurants. To enter such a restaurant, we have to go through narrow winding corridors without windows … The most beautiful views are offered by Cuevas del Diablo, or Devil’s Caves, which was carved in 1905. Local exhibitions are organized there, you can order a glass of wine with delicious tapas.
The life of a caveman lures tourists because there is nothing nicer than spending the weekend in a cave. Narrow and steep streets lead to an impressive fortress, of Arab origin, from which there are fabulous landscapes. Many buildings in the city are a real treasury of monuments and art. They are excellent attractions for travellers and lovers of the past. The most spectacular buildings include Plaza de Toros, Ermita de San Lorenzo, flats sculpted in the rocks, a fortress and various caves that have been transformed into old style pubs where temperatures are the same all year round.
The region is also a kingdom of flavours that is closely related to tradition and numerous festivals. The beef, sausage, goat cheese, donuts and all kinds of sweets deserve a special mention here. Alcala del Jucar is a place that will delight almost everyone. It meets the requirements of walkers, cyclists and lovers of extreme sports. Almost every season is perfect for visiting Alcala del Jucar, each of them radiates a unique character and atmosphere that you must experience in person. And finally, a curiosity worth mentioning; Alcalá de Júcar in 1986 received the third prize, after the Eiffel Tower and the Grand Mosque in Istanbul, for the best lighting / artistic illumination of the city (according to the design of D. José Angel Lucas Baidez). It is worth noting that the town was recognized by the official association as “one of the most beautiful towns in Spain”.

GPS: N: 39°11′60.00″ W: -1°25′59.99″

Distance from:

Alicante: 150 km / Murcja: 180 km / Benidorm: 190 km

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