Castillitos Battery – Cartagena

Spain is full of tourist attractions, so that even the most demanding traveller will find a dream space to relax. We present a great place where you can spend the whole day, in the battery area there are charming viewpoints that you must see. Prepare a picnic basket – there will be a picnic spot overlooking the turquoise sea at the foot of the cliffs.

The Castillitos battery is an unused Spanish military fortification. It is located on the top of the mountain on the Cabo Tiñoso peninsula, near Cartagena. Currently, it is a monument. The battery was built in 1926-33 as part of a defence network along the coast, consisting of 44 elements, to defend Cartagena and the military arsenal located here.
The battery was created on a rocky cliff over 200m above sea level. It was equipped with two powerful Vickers-Armstrongs, which were able to launch a missile which weighs a tonne at a distance of 35 km! This weapon was used only once – in 1937.

The Castillitos battery is an attraction mainly due to its characteristic appearance. From the outside, the building resembles a castle from Disney’s fairytales with curled turrets. It is a military building, so it was designed to be virtually invisible from the sea. Although it is a monument, admission is free and uncontrolled, and sightseeing is at your own risk. The whole is deserted and a bit neglected, and importantly, there are no toilets or even a stall with drinks.
The Jorel Battery is right next to it. There you can see three smaller Vickers cannons and 45-inch anti-tank guns. The batteries were withdrawn from service in 1994 because the weapons in them were considered too old.

The whole area occupies a very large area, so if someone is interested in a thorough tour, they should spend a few hours on it. Under the batteries, tunnels have been led through which you can go if you have your own light source. The battery has a fantastic view of the sea and surrounding mountains. Access, although steep in places, does not cause any problems. The Road is relatively wide and well maintained.

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