Check in guests at Guardia Civil

Check in guests at Guardia Civil.

Anyone who owns property for short-term / holiday rental should apply for a tourist license. One of the most important obligations that every property owner should comply with is that you are required by law to supply the Guardia Civil with the personal data of holiday rental guests, within 24 hours after their arrival. This is the form to be used that must be completed and submitted to Guardia Civil for registration.

The form should be accompanied by:

1. A copy of the NIE number of each owner

2. A copy of the notarial deed

3. A copy of the Tourist License

4. A copy of the identity document of each owner.

After registering your property on Guardia Civil, you will be assigned: Username and password to log in online to your Guardia Civil account. Here is the link to the login page:

The last process is just checking in guests.

Upon check-in, guests are required to provide:

1. Name and surname of each guest from 18 years old.

2. Nationality.

3. Date of birth.

4. Expiry date of the identity document.

5. Series of identity document.

6. Holiday date


1. Children under the age of 18 do not need to be registered.

2. All documents collected during check-in must be kept for 3 years.

3. The administrator, owner, other person or agency authorized to perform the work are required to keep a written register of visitors. During the census and registration, all the above data should be entered in the register together with a copy of the identity document attached. Each prepared registration document should be signed by the guests.

Check-in of guests on the Guardia Civil account can be done:

1. Online

2. Take it personally to the station.

3. Send fax

4. Send by regular mail. In the case of shipment by post, it is important to attach two documents and provide the exact return address. One copy stamped by Guardia Civil should be returned to the address indicated.

It is up to you to choose the form of reporting guests. When completing the registration form of the property, we mark the form chosen by us.

Don’t forget this is very important You have to Check in guests at Guardia Civil.

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