Fort Bravo Texas Hollywood

You want to feel special for a moment and go back in time. Visit Fort Bravo Texas Hollywood. In Fort Bravo, you’ll find scenarios of over 100 movies and television commercials. Among others: For a handful of dollars, Indiana Jones and the last crusade, Lawrence of Arabia, Good, bad and ugly, Lucky Luck. In a cowboy costume or a Can Cana dancer, you will feel special. The western town of Fort Bravo was created on the model of an old American town of the Wild West by Sergio Leone in the 1960s, for the needs of the film industry, especially the Spaghetti Western.

 It is located near Tabernas in Almeria, Spain. The advantage of this place is the desert landscape reminiscent of the American westerns known to us.

Note: there is a competitive “Mini Hollywood” nearby, which was later created as an alternative to closing the town at the time of filming. Every day performances take place: a bank robbery, a break in a saloon combined with the Can Can dance. Performances will make you feel like you’ve been to a Western movie. All performances are held live in front of the viewers. You want to feel like a real cowboy who drives the streets of the Old West in Fort Bravo, you must book a horseback ride with an instructor. These rides are inside and around the fort, and the level of difficulty is suited for everyone. For advanced and more professional Fort Bravo proposes a ride through the deserts of Tabernas. The trip takes 1 hour and the reservation must be made several days in advance by email reservas@fortbravo.es. Number of people 2-5 people.

Dance Can Can Everyday – 12:00 and 17:30

Bank robbery. Daily – 14:30

After moments full of emotions and good fun Fort Bravo will take care that we can cool off and refresh by the pool using the bar. The pool is open in high season. It’s worth visiting the photo studio, and for a while take on the role of a cowboy, banite, Can Can dancers or another by choice. The costumes are available for children and adults. All moments and emotions will be captured in the pictures. If you plan to visit Fort Bravo Texas Hollywood, reserve a full day. It is worth spending a lot of time there, seeing everything in peace.

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