Guadalest / Algar Waterfalls / Dino Park / Enrique Mendoza Winery.

Holidays are not only sunbathing and swimming in the sea or swimming pool, it is also a lot of fantastic places to visit. Prepare yourself for a lot of experiences that will be remembered for a long time. To visit all four places, it is worth starting the trip early in the morning.

Guadalest is a hidden gem of the Costa Blanca region, visiting and using our rental properties is worth seeing the most beautiful places in this region. A trip to one of the most picturesque Spanish mountain villages – Guadalest. Route to Guadalest leads along winding, mesmerizing roads between plantations of figs, olive trees and orange and lemon orchards with mountain views.

According to tourist guides, and certainly when visiting this region, it is worth visiting this wonderful and charming village, where about 240 people live. Since 2015, it belongs to the Los Pueblos most beautiful association in Spain and in 2016 it became part of the Federation of the most beautiful villages in the world. There is only one way to get to Guadalest, – through a 15-meter-long rock tunnel, known as St. John. Therefore, in the past, it was easy for the inhabitants of the higher part of the village and the castle itself to defend themselves against the invaders – it was enough to cut off only one possible path for them. The defenders were protected by almost vertical rocky cliffs, steep slopes and slippery rocks.

Guadalest was widely regarded as an impregnable fortress – therefore the Moors stayed there longer than in the rest of Spain. They were finally driven out of the mountains only in 1609. Castello only “gave up” during the massive explosion that took place in 1848. And there is much to see – apart from admiring the amazing views of the coast, Rocky Mountains and the surrounding citrus and almond orchards, Guadalest offers tourists the opportunity to see exhibits collected by local museums: ethnographic, miniature, torture and old motorbikes.

We briefly described this charming village, but it certainly does not reflect all its charm. It is a wonderful place with its own unique atmosphere. We fell in love with this place, which has become a must-see for us during our holidays in Spain and we always buy another bottle of our favorite Moscatel liqueur and a jar of natural honey. Lovers of buying souvenirs will not leave this place empty-handed – in Guadalest there are plenty of tiny shops offering original souvenirs and local preserves.

The next point on the way is the Algar Waterfalls (Fuentes de Algar) – The waterfalls are located a few kilometres from the city of Callosa de Ensarriá in the province of Alicante. This area is an ideal place for all those who appreciate a quiet holiday. The whole area is several kilometres, and the waterfalls are located at the source of the Algar River, which in Arabic means “cave”. A special park has been created in this place, which apart from the waterfalls also includes amazing vegetation, rarely found in other parts of Spain. Here you can meet several hundred specimens of tropical plants, most of which are dominated by cacti. The place is a destination of frequent trips.

When Spending time in this place, it is impossible to complain about boredom. The number of attractions and many different interesting things that can be found in the Costa Blanca region makes it impossible to cover everything in one day. Admiring, however, is just the beginning, because the biggest attraction of this place is diving and swimming in turquoise lagoons or under many waterfalls located here. The river current in these places is calm and the water is very refreshing in the middle of summer. From morning to evening, the waterfalls are full of bathing enthusiasts and those who want to regenerate their strength, as it is well known that the water contains exceptionally large amounts of various healing values.

For those who appreciate active recreation, it is certainly hard to find a better place in the vicinity of Alicante.

The botanical garden Cactus d´Algar is close to the waterfalls and includes the theme park Dino Park Algar! On an area of ​​6 hectares, we will see here moving and static models of dinosaurs that can impress visitors of all ages! Many of them have been enriched with sound effects and natural decorations that allow you to immerse yourself in the prehistoric world even more. Of course, children benefit most from visiting here, because many attractions, a 3D cinema and an educational trail for young palaeontology fans have been prepared for them.

At the end of the day, we recommend visiting the Enrique Mendoza vineyards, we guarantee that it will be an amazing experience that will leave you with wonderful and unforgettable memories.

Bodegas Enrique Mendoza
The Enrique Mendoza winery are located a short distance from Benidorm, the Guadalest Valley and the Algar Falls in the small town of Alfas del Pi. Have you had the pleasure of visiting vineyards, tasting wine and learning stories? NOT YET!
You must visit a magical land full of grapevines and wine.
Bodega Enrique Mendoza – located a few kilometers from Benidorm, exactly in the small village of Alfas del Pi in the Costa Blanca region of Spain.
Enrique Mendoza Winery is a family place with a very interesting history, offering a tour of the vineyard and finally a tasting of 7 wines.
🍷The first stage of the trip is a walk around the vineyard, where the guide will tell the whole story of its creation, tell about the process of grapevine cultivation and harvesting, and at the end we will see how the wine is produced, bottled and bottled.
🍷 The second stage of the trip – the most awaited one, i.e. tasting along with local delicacies in the form of cheese and spanish typical ham, will additionally emphasize the taste of the drinks.
The trip is an extraordinary adventure for wine lovers, full of passion.
Enrique Mendoza’s vineyard is 100% organic.

The tasting is a great part of the trip, during which we can integrate with the whole group and talk personally with the owner of the winery.
My favorite wine is: ENRIQUE MENDOZA DOLÇ DE MEDOZA 50CL – An interesting fact is: this wine is perfect in combination with a bar of dark chocolate.
After the tasting, you can go to the winery store to buy wine and olive oil.
REMEMBER: Entrance tickets can be purchased at the winery’s box office or online. It is best to book your tickets online.

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