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Guadalest is tiny, but very attractive in terms of tourism, the village is located only a few kilometres from the most popular resorts on the Costa Blanca, ie: Benidorm, Alicante and the Orihuela Costa region. Among the rocky mountains during the Moorish occupation (about VIII – XIII century) a castle was built here, which is still visited daily by many people who enjoy extraordinary views and romantic stories.Guadalest Valley is a hidden treasure of the Costa Blanca region, according to tourist guides certainly visiting this region is worth visiting this wonderful and charming village, where about 240 people live.

El Castell de Guadalest was declared a historic place in 1974 and later as a cultural attraction. Since 2015, it belongs to the connection of Los Pueblos the most beautiful in Spain and in 2016 became part of the Federation of the most beautiful villages in the world.
To Guadalest, just like centuries ago, you can only get in one way – passing through a rock tunnel with a length of 15 meters, called the Gate of St. John.
It was therefore easy for the inhabitants of the higher part of the village and the castle to defend themselves against the invaders – it was enough to cut off only one possible path. The defenders were additionally protected by almost vertical, rocky cliffs, steep slopes and slippery rocks.
Thanks to such excellent security Guadalest was widely regarded as an impregnable fortress – that is why the Moors remained there longer than in other regions of Spain. In the end, they were expelled from the mountains only in 1609, when the Christian reconquest lasted nearly eight centuries and was almost to an end.

Castello “surrendered” only during a huge explosion, which took place in 1848. From now on, it is only a victim of tourists who can still see the beautiful remains of an once indestructible fortress.
And there is something to explore – apart from admiring the amazing views of the coast, rocky mountains and surrounding citrus and almond orchards, Guadalest offers tourists the opportunity to see exhibits gathered by local museums: ethnographic, miniatures, torture and old motorcycles.
Lovers of souvenirs will certainly not leave here with empty hands – in Guadalest there are a lot of tiny shops offering original souvenirs and local preserves, such as honeys, wines, the famous Moscatel liquor and Parma hams.
We briefly described this charming village, but it certainly does not reflect all the charm it has. It is a wonderful place with its unique atmosphere, we have loved this place which has become a must for us during our holidays in Spain and we always buy another bottle of the favorite Moscatel liqueur and a jar of natural honey.

During the trip to Guadalest, visit the places of the Algar Waterfall, the Enrique Mendoza Vineyards, the Altea Old Town, the picturesque Jalon Valley and the wonderful natural balcony of El Forat de Bernia.

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