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AGREEMENT – Holiday rental.

OPEN OR CLOSED AGREEMENT Are you an owner of a property in Spain for short-term / holiday rental? Are you looking for an agency that will attract guests? Learn some very important rules. Very often, agencies expect the client to sign an exclusive contract. Most people do not know what it means and what its consequences are.

Open agreement – gives the possibility to sign a contract with several agencies or persons for the same properties.

A closed contract (with an exclusivity clause) – in other words, it consists in the fact that the ordering party (client) undertakes not to conclude brokerage agreements for a given real estate with other intermediaries. Therefore, it excludes cooperation with other intermediaries or persons.

Does the agency contract have to be in writing?

No contract is clearly out of the law. The consequences may manifest themselves, for example, in terms of insurance protection. No written contract means the insurer’s refusal to pay the compensation.

Remember, no agency can provide full occupancy. The holiday season June to September is the period that always but always gets fully busy. Unfortunately, the off-season rental is also very important. Therefore, IT IS IMPORTANT TO AVOID CLOSED AGREEMENTS. Collaborate with several people or agencies.

I am a rental and booking specialist and believe closed contracts are not a fair treatment of the customer (owner). A person or agency that offers a closed contract, unfortunately, does not take into account the good of the client but the attractiveness of its offers. Attractiveness does not go hand in hand with the number of reservations. The agency wants to have offered that no one else has. Many agents see the other agent as competition. I do not recognize the word competition, it is not us, the agents, who have influence on which property customers choose. It all depends on our commitment, creativity and approach to the client. Performing their duties with the utmost diligence, based on moral and ethical standards and in accordance with the law. And also taking care of the well-being of each of your clients, i.e., the property owner and guests. There is certainly much more that can be achieved through cooperation. As an agent, I work not only with property owners, but also with three agencies that operate in the same sector and on the same business level. Thanks to this, my clients are always satisfied. The best evidence of this are the opinions of my guests and property owners.

AGREEMENT – Holiday rental.

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