HOPP COSTA BLANCA – The first electric scooter rental in the Costa Blanca region.

The healthiest and easiest way to get around. Unlock with the app and park anywhere in public when you’re done!

Getting around the city can be tedious. You have too far from point A to point B – You do not have a driver’s license or do not want to rent a car – Not every place can be reached by car, and public transport can be unreliable and crowded. In this case, an electric scooter may be a good option.

I am very pleased when I can once again introduce you to the news from our wonderful Costa Blanca region. This is the first such attraction and from day one it enjoys great success and popularity. From August 2020, electric scooters can be found at virtually every step of the way in the towns designated below, and their users move along both bike paths and sidewalks.

Download the HOPP COSTA BLANCA app and you’re on your way. You can unlock with one touch. The aim is to reduce short-distance transport traffic and leave the planet cleaner and healthier.

How does it work?

1. Install the app on your phone.

2. Register and join the group.

3. Check the map and start your adventure.

Scooters are available:

  • Playa Flamenca
  • La Zenia
  • Cabo Roig
  • Punta Prima
  • Villamartin
  • La Regia
  • Los Altos
  • La Florida
  • La Fuente
  • Los Dolses

And more to come in the coming weeks.



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