Insurance Holiday Home

Insurance for your holiday home.

Insurance for your holiday home. You have insured your apartment that is intended for short-term rental to tourists or for long-term rental. You are convinced that the insurance has been paid and that is enough! Unfortunately not!

In order for the insurance to work for you, cover the costs of any compensation, the conditions must be met. The General Terms and Conditions of Insurance describe in detail the obligations of the Insured under the Agreement.

I am sorry to write this, but most people do not respect the conditions and therefore have insurance, but they are not safe. The refusal to pay the compensation or its reduction by the Insurer is usually related to the Insured’s failure to fulfill the obligations imposed on him by the concluded Insurance Agreement. Compensation and knowing the terms and conditions of your insurance Your insurance company may refuse to pay you for a number of reasons.

It is important that you are aware of the terms of the insurance contract and that you know the content of the general terms and conditions. Thanks to this, you know what the insurer’s liability rules are.

What conditions:

1. Have a tourist license number.

2. Scrupulously fulfill the conditions imposed on us by having a Tourist License, ie: to have a fire extinguisher, regulations, property price list in a visible place, evacuation route marking and many more.

• More about the tourist license in another post on our blog.

• You want to be up to date – Like our site.

3. Guardia Civil – registration of guests.

4. Have a visitor registration book.

5. Each reservation should have a signed rental contract, which should include:

• Name and surname of the person for whom the reservation is made.

• Number of people.

• Holiday date (from/to).

• Rent amount.

• Damage deposit amount.

• Customer phone number.

• Check in and check out time.

• Booking regulations

6. The number of checked-in persons should be the same as for which the tourist license was issued. In the event that we do not follow the rules, unfortunately, we cannot count on the payment of compensation.

As the first step, the insurance company will check whether we fulfill our obligations. Think about it! Is it worth the risk? Talk to your insurance agent today, check the terms and conditions, and take care of yourself, your guests and your property.

Soon another post: “How to apply for a tourist license”

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