Novelda – a place where everyone can find a little freedom from the tourist attractions and the heat to focus on absorbing the atmosphere of the historic town. The town is very quiet, there are no crowds, queues and other disadvantages that other resorts around have. 

At first glance, Novelda is not a city worth attention, but as we read about it, more people will find elements that will delight and surprise them. It is a mysterious and inconspicuous town that cannot be ignored.
One of the most interesting places to visit is the Sanctuary of Mary Magdalene. Although the place itself is slightly away from the centre, it is easy to reach. Construction began immediately after the end of World War I according to the design of Jose Sala, who used the motifs of a typical Catalan modernist trend. The building is very similar to Antonio Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

The construction was divided into three phases, and the building was constantly built for 28 years. Curved windows, sculptures and two towers adorning the main façade of the building make the whole look very original and aesthetically pleasing. Each tower has a height of about 25 meters and is topped with a cross. Today, the Church of Mary Magdalene is considered one of the architectural wonders of the twentieth century.

Just 4 kilometres from Novelda and a bit from the sanctuary we mentioned before is another noteworthy object Castle de la Mola – It was built in the twelfth century by the Muslims object, which stood in place of the earlier fortifications of the Roman Empire. The importance of the castle was enormous due to its location. It connected the areas belonging to Christians and controlled by the Moors, hence it served as a defensive and was an excellent observation point of the area, because it is located on a slope of over 300 meters, which gives the opportunity to admire the beautiful panorama of the valley.

The castle de la Mola amazes many tourists visiting this place. There are two towers located in the castle, one of which was built on a rectangular plan, and the other a triangle. The three-sided tower is a real currant among the architecture of this part of Spain.
An absolute hit and must visit the local vineyards of Bodega Casa Cesilia, here we can take advantage of its offer and visit the vineyards and join wine tasting.                                                                                    

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In Novelda, it is not only a perfect example of architecture and art, but also a place where you can meet quaint places of nature. It is true that they are not mentioned in many guides, but if you ask the locals for extraordinary places to visit, they will definitely show you the way to the small lakes located in the valley.

They are small water reservoirs, which can be a great way to summer heat. Salt-filled reservoirs are unique places due to the presence of salt crystals embedded on the rocks. One of the lakes even has a red colour – this is due to the iron contained in the composition of the rocks, which colours the water and salt contained in it.

Another place worthy of attention due to its natural character is El Parque del Oeste, located within the city limits, which translates into a western park in a free translation. The enthusiasts of Gaudi’s work will notice that the form of the park in Novelda refers directly to its visualization. It is worth visiting the park to take a stroll between the lush palm trees, admiring the stone sculptures and the picturesque fountain. It is also worth visiting the local amphitheatre, which can easily accommodate up to 2,000 people, all surrounded by lush vegetation.

We cannot forget about the town of Agost, which is famous for its wonderful hand-made ceramic products and visits to local vineyards. In another article, we can read all the information about the trip to Agost, which is about 15 km away from Novelda.

GPS: N 38.385° W0.768°

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