Parking and Parking areas

What a country is custom and its rules.
Are you wondering where you can park, pay for parking? Yes, where? And other questions that you waste time while you leave !!!
Some useful information where to park.

There are 5 options in Spain:

1. On the street a continuous white or dotted line (designated places) – means “safe parking”.

2. On the street, the blue line (designated places) – means that it is a paid parking zone of up to 2 hours. In this case, you must pay the fee in the nearest parking machine and put the payment in the window of the car. On Saturdays, it is only payable between 10 and 14 hours, and on Sundays and public holidays parking is completely free. Please remember that in this case, it is the holiday periods and public holidays of the Spanish.

3. On the street, a green continuous or dotted line (designated places) means parking only for residents residing on a given street. Parking there threatens with a mandate at this point.

4. On the street, a yellow continuous or dotted line – means a total ban on parking. Parking in this place threatens with a ticket and taking the car to the police parking.

5. Underground car park – You can park in the underground car park, but all are payable.

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