Rent a Car Costa Blanca

Rent a Car in Spain Costa Blanca & Costa Calida

Rent a Car – Car hire in Spain on the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida. Spain has a diverse, rich landscape with something for everyone. During the trip will be waiting for you attractions and places known and less known. Those described in popular guidebooks and those mentioned only by Spaniards.

Miles of golden sandy beaches and cities with a rich history, such as Murcia, Alicante or Cartagena. All this and more will be within your reach thanks to one of the car rental companies. Choosing a car rental company is up to each of us, some of us are guided by the price, others by whether the car is new or not and others by the conditions. It is our decision and our choice.

Relax in Spain with a pleasantly hot sun, taste great food and enjoy a glass of sangria. Spain has long been a typical destination among tourists and for this reason many local, national and international car rental companies offer their services here. From well-known and reputable providers like Hertz, Europcar and Sixt to local companies, you are sure to find the perfect fit for you. The well-known and reputable companies whose services we can use at the airport have strict rules. Often the requirement to have a credit card and charge it with a high deposit blocks us from renting a car. In such situations, it is worth thinking and use the services of local rental companies, which very often do not charge deposits or the deposit is very low. Most importantly, there is no obligation to have a credit card.


1. Mileage limit – very often companies give you a limit on the miles you can do during your rental. This often blocks the sightseeing in other parts of Spain. If such a company has a limit in its rules kilometers carefully ask to present you the detailed conditions, because very often the unstated rules become a big problem. Ask how the limit is determined, by the number of days, weeks, or just from the reservation. Does a one week rental have the same limit as a two week rental.

2. Insurance – Do not rent cars from companies that do not have full insurance. WHY? Because such insurance blocks you when it comes to moving around the regions and exposes you to additional costs. For example, if the car is rented on the Costa Blanca you can not drive it for example Costa Calida.


– You rented a place where you stayed in Torrevieja or the surrounding area and you would like to go to Lo Pagan mud lake about 15 km away or Cartagena about 60 Km and here is the problem that is Costa Calida.

– Participation in damages, such insurances are also designed to charge for damages by the customer, the person who rented the car.

– Charging additional fees or fines. In the case when we receive a fine and it will be conditioned, for example, staying in a place where the insurance no longer works. Then unfortunately, the company will inform us that we are obliged to cover the costs, because we were informed that the car does not have full insurance. Unfortunately, but they will not feel responsible, because they did not explain in detail the terms and conditions of such rental.

Are you looking for a car rental?

Read our blog, here you will find a list of companies.

  • D.N.A Rent a Car

Tel: +34 744 646 036



For more information, please visit D.N.A Rent a Car website.

  • Domi Cars

Tel: +34 617 880 234



For more information, please visit Domi Cars website.


Tel: +48 660 505 474



For more information, please visit Odkryj Auto website.

  • C4Rent

Tel: +34 643 14 22 24 English / +34 641 79 78 80 Polish

Email: Please use the Contact Form on the C4Rent website.


  • Star Cars

Tel: +34 603038368 (Whats App/Viber)

Tel: +34 684248508



For more information, please visit Star Cars website.

  • H & R Car Hire

Tel: +44 7824 485 925



For more information, please visit H & R Car Hire website.

  • Easy Drive Torrevieja

Tel: + 48 501 760 685


  • Speed Line Transport

Rent a car and transport from and to Airport Alicante and Murcia.

Tel: +34 744 630 071 / +34 691 951 469



Address: Asociacion Victimas del Terrorismo 24, Torrevieja, Spain

  • Calma

Calma Trafnsfer from and to Airport Alicante and Murcia. Rent a car.

Tel: +34 665 175 351



  • Safe Car

Tel: +48 576 209 901

Email: /


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