Natural SPA created by nature – Healing muds Lo Pagan in San Pedro del Pinatar.

The most popular are natural SPA treatments, which rejuvenate the body thanks to water, mud and its healing properties. A magical place that deserves the interest of tourists is very popular. Healing muds Lo Pagan is located in Spain in the province of Costa Calida. Unique muds are famous for their medical and relaxing applications. We have known for centuries that contact with water and mud is a reliable way to calm down, improve our well-being or for treatment.

Healing mud of Lo Pagan can be found in the town of San Pedro del Pinatar just 24 km from Torrevieja and few kilometers from Playa Flamenca, La Zenia and Cabo Roig. Due to the fact that the sun is shining all the time and the water is very salty, a unique mud is created in the salt lagoon, which is known as La Puntica. Therapeutic mud rich in high levels of potassium, magnesium, sulfur, fluorine and calcium are real health bombs. A mud bath soothes wounds, acne and all types of skin diseases as well as has anti-inflammatory effects. It is also used in rheumatic diseases, complicated fractures, in respiratory problems and also eliminates toxins from the skin. Mud baths are completely free here. After entering the mud, you have to lubricate the whole body and then wait for it to dry. Then get back into the water, rinse the first layer of mud and finally go and rinse on the other side in seawater. Nearby there are also many restaurants, cafes, bars, shops etc.

The University of Murcia in 2005 carried out a mud analysis and confirmed that these deposits contain a lot of mineral components, and the Ph is between 7.12 and 8.45.

Distance from:

Alicante: 65 km

Murcia: 45 km

Benidorm: 155 km

GPS: 37.8270° N, 0.7768° W

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