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Dream Holiday 4 You would like to inform you that we are still working and devoting our free time to preparing new offers and business solutions, we also use the time to improve skills and professional qualifications, which allowed us to expand our offer.

In the interests of the safety of our customers, property owners and their clients, we have introduced two new services:

1) preparation of regulations for the rental and reservation of real estate – short-term rental – 100 Euro

2) creation of a promotional voucher together with the regulations (Individual project with your photo) – 50 Euro

All documents are prepared in Polish and English.

Dream Holiday 4 You is working on solutions that will help property owners keep as many bookings as possible. Mainly Our work is based on mutual understanding, that is, the owner and the guest (customer). If guests wish to cancel their booking, we try to make changes that satisfy both parties. In this case, we offer three solutions:

– Change of the date of leave,

– Voucher for the amount paid by the guest,

– Refund of the amount paid.

In compliance with the regulations of a given property, we choose the most advantageous solution for both parties, but this is not always a cash back. Let us remember that we owners can also decide to solve a particular situation, but in order to be able to do this we have to meet several requirements, and one of them is the rules. Property owners who do not have rental and booking regulations unfortunately have very big problems enforcing their rights. The rental and booking regulations contain basic rules and rules that apply to both the landlord and the person renting, first of all, there should be provisions governing the rules applicable to the payment of an advance payment and cancellation of the reservation or shortening the stay. Thanks to such documents, many unpleasant situations can be avoided, among other things, the landlord should not have any subsequent problems with the demonstration that the amount is due to him or not – and it is here that the owner of the property becomes the determining person of the resolution that will be introduced.

Therefore, according to our regulations, all our guests cannot receive a cash refund from Dream Holiday 4 You will receive a Voucher for the paid amount to use within 6, 12, 18 or 24 months or change the dates for your booking.

A voucher is also a good option for people who are looking for a gift for a special occasion.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us for details. Join the group of satisfied Dream Holiday 4 You customers today.

Dream Holiday 4 You is a legitimate company providing short-term rental brokerage services in Spain. We issue accounts confirming the performance of the service and accepting payments for it.


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