Torrevieja Costa Blanca Spain


Torrevieja – Spanish city on the Costa Blanca, falls under the province of Alicante. The name of the city comes from the Torre Vieja observation tower, which is the Polish Old Tower. Originally, Torrevieja was a fishing village located by the sea with large salt mines. Thanks to the salt mines, it gained a healthy and healing microclimate, and the salt that was mined constituted the existence and life of the local population.

Until today, salt is the number one export commodity, and Torrevieja is one of the main salt producers in Europe. Thanks to salt resources in Torrevieja there is a unique microclimate, recognized by the World Health Organization as one of the healthiest places in the world. The undoubted attraction is the Salt Lake Laguna Rosa, which owes its pink color to high salinity, algae and crustaceans. It is a natural park where everyone can take advantage of mud and brine baths. Some people come to Torrevieja every year just to take advantage of the healing mud. The Salada Laguna in Torrevieja is the largest Salt Lake in Europe. The most famous beaches of Torrevieja include: Playa del Cura, Los Locos, Playa de Los Naufragos and part of La Mata, Playa Torrelamata beach.

From the port of Torrevieja, you can book a boat trip to the nearby island of Tabarca. This tiny island has an area of ​​only 0.3 km², with a maximum length of 1800 m and a width of 380 m. Currently, it is permanently inhabited by about 50 people. Its name comes from the Ligurian settlers who came here in the 18th century from the Tunisian island of Tabarki. More about the island of Tabarca in the ATTRACTIONS tab.

Torrevieja is a town where everyone will find something for themselves. Beach, sun, swimming pool and lots of activities. In the port, we can find carousels and we can take advantage of water sports. There is a funfair in Torrevieja. There are tons of games, carousels and more. Everyone will find something for themselves here.

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