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TAKE A DAY TRIP TO the gorgeous island of Tabarca. Tabarca one of the Costa Blanca’s top tourist attractions and summer destinations.

This tiny island which has an area of ​​only 0.3 km². Maximum length of 1800 m and a width of 380 m. Currently, it has a permanent population of about 50 people. Its name comes from Ligurian settlers who came here in the eighteenth century from the Tunisian island Tabarca. One of the biggest attractions of the island is the Underwater Nature Park, founded in 1986. It is a treat for those who like to dive. Underwater fauna and flora can also be seen from the deck of a boat with a glass bottom – corals, starfish, crabs, exotic fish, including species found only here. There are no cars here, they are not needed. The island can be walked around for a maximum of 20 minutes. It has a shape resembling the number 8 with a narrowing in the middle and one part bigger than the other. One part is inhabited and occupied by Isla Plana’s village of Nueva Tabarca, the other is more “wild”. On the island there are fishermen’s houses, shops, bars, a market filled with restaurants, a church. Being at Tabarca, try freshly caught fish and seafood, a whole range of delicious tapas and of course Paella. Traditional and probably the most popular Spanish dish, fried in a wood-fired orange oven. You can enjoy the sandy white beaches or an alternative is to rest in small, intimate bays “in the wild”, which also has its irresistible charm.

You can get to the island by numerous catamarans and water taxis. They run very often (even outside the high season) from Alicante, Santa Pola and Torrevieja.

Travel by ship takes from 15 minutes to about 40 minutes – depending on from where you sail and what ship / boat. From Santa Pola there are also cruises with attractions – diving, meal, rental mask and tube. Ships from Santa Pola run from 9.00 to 20.30 on average every 30 minutes. Torrevieja, the ship leaves at 11.00 and returns around 18.00. In front of the port in Santa Pola there is a guarded car park, where you can leave your car and in Torrevieja we can leave the car in a paid parking lot in the port or free on the streets of the city by the marina.

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